Critter Creek Ranch
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For My Dad

Attention to Detail

Nothing worth doing is easy. Nothing of quality comes without time, determination, and attention to detail. I'm constantly impressed by the quality of my father's work and the quality of my father. For as long as I've known him he's been a problem solver, a creative thinker, and an artist.

He has no degree in structural engineering, yet I've watched him build a seismically-sound bridge. I've seen him wire together an animatronic Halloween display; one that amazed and spooked young trick-or-treaters. He help my brother and I build mountain bikes and took us on adventures through mud, snow, hail, up hills, down hills (think "Kamikaze Run"), into the forest, and along the beach.

He's a man of integrity; a man you can trust. Most profoundly, he's a man who lives for the people around him -- above all else, his family. It's astonishing to see how much has come about on "Critter Creek Ranch" through his own work, the work of his family, and the help and charity of the countless friends he's made. He's a friendly person who's friendly to friendly people.

So, I dedicate this site to my dad, John Rickwald. It's not finished, but then, neither is he. I invite visitors to this site to look for touches of the man in the things they see here. Then email him and tell him what an awesome job he's doing. :)

Happy birthday, Dad!


, John Rickwald