Critter Creek Ranch
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The Mission


    To create an old country western fantasy. A place to escape the modern day pace. Somewhere that takes you to another world. An opportunity to use my talents and keep me healthy mentally and physically. A place to share with others -- maybe to share with groups like the boyscouts and church groups, neighbors, family and friends.

    This project has only begun. Many future plans include building: a pond & waterfalls; permanent pool; kennels that look like a Cavalry Fort; BBQ pit; Saloon; and finish the outside of the mobile. Over 20 different store fronts, lighted arena and round pen. Some special effects will be a Volcano Fountain (fire & water & lights), earthquake deck. Each store front will have the sound of that shop when you walk up to it. For example - when you walk up to the telegraph office you will here the tap tap of the telegraph or saw cutting wood at the saw mill.

    Most of the detail will be done after the big stuff is done in about 10 - 15 years.

, John Rickwald