Critter Creek Ranch
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The Pool

The "poor man's pool."
Tim Mason digging out the hole. Less than 2 hours later he was done.
The ground was pre-soaked to make it easier for the tractor.

I removed the rocks and placed the 40 x 100 6-ply tarp on the dirt. The tarp cost $130 at DeCou Lumber. Sand would have been nice first, but that’s more money.
Throw away pump (2-1/2 horse Centurian).
Throw away Kartring filter.
Throw away Power Box.
To circulate top and bottom water I used some old drainpipe for the bottom drain and a 5 gallon bucket for the top drain.
All PVC was painted flat black to absorb heat.
The first 2 years I used a 4 foot satellite dish on top of a fiberglass planter.
Every year we replace the tarp, after punching holes in the old one for drainage.
I consolidated discarded water heater panels. They help but the black tarp did most of the heating. From 70° to 85° warm on hot days.
I purchased 4 low voltage submersible lights from Harbor Freight. $7/pack with transformer.
The new fountain is made up of four half-barrels.
It also lights up very nicely.
The latest modification adds stones around the fountain.


The pool light was a freebe and surrounding lights were bought at a yard sale for $5.




This experimental test pool has helped me figure out what I’m going to design for a permanent pool. It won’t be normal!

Oh ya... I almost forgot to mention, we can go swimming!


Pool, 2008

, John Rickwald