Critter Creek Ranch
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The Bath House

A hot tub for relaxing in.
I knew when I started this project it would be very labor intensive. That was an understatement.
First there was time getting used wood from different locations. Then design the structure to the materials that I gathered. For instance, the length of the deck was the length of the 2 main beams I was given. First work was my good neighbor to use his backhoe to dig a shelf in the side of the bank. Then I dug the holes for the piers. Next the forms, rebar, concrete, main beams. The only new wood was the 2x8’s for the deck support.
Weather conditions added time. Each piece of exposed wood was hand grinded to expose the good wood.
Each exposed piece was then covered with 3 coats of Superdeck.
I knew I could not match the different woods, so I used 2 different Superdeck colors to make the wood look even more different.
A friend gave me this 100 year old water heating coil as yard art. After testing it I knew it was perfect for the Hot Tub. It fit the wood stove.
I installed a separate pump.
To control the water flow through the water heating coil, the water comes out an old hand pump. The used tub was old but had no cracks.
The 2 main roof support beams are local pine. I routered the sign the lettering aqua blue.
I was saving the stained glass for the saloon, but it fit perfect for the roof. The kerosene lanterns are on dimmers.
There are stereo speakers with volume control, this runs off an amp in the barn that is connected to the amp in the house.
The main pump, heater and filter are under the red box. The secondary pump and blower are under the deck.
Now its time to build the rock wall separating the tub from the BBQ area.
So 4 months, $500 in Superdeck, $300 in new wood, $200 in miscellaneous parts,
$200 for the used Hot Tub. Lots of sand paper, 2 hand grinders -- this project is done.
Now we have a place to relax after working on the next projects.


From this point on, this project became closely integrated with the Stone House BBQ project. For more, see the Stone House BBQ project page.
Stone House BBQ
Stone House BBQ

, John Rickwald