Critter Creek Ranch
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The Horse Barn

A horse barn with feed and tack room. Still under construction.
I looked at a lot of different horse barns and decided to build a pole barn because:
1) it's cheap
2) it's easy
3) it looks old
4) it can be built in sections, and
5) does not require a permit
The first part built was the tack room and number one paddock and stall. We had a pregnant horse and were in a hurry to finish the first stall.
My first roof... my arms got tired since I had no nail gun.!!!
Woke up one morning and there was snow on the ground -- Photo time
Now the horse can foal out with a little help from her friends.
Windows were throw aways. The tack room will be insulated and finished with pine wood.
The door came off of the first house you see on the "Green Acres" sitcom.
Year 2
The last paddock & stall are extra large for allow for a mare and foal together.
Michele hand dug each hole for all the phone polls and fence posts. The old fence material was given to us from the Rainbow Ranch. Michele scraped and painted it all.
Someone was throwing away a horse shade. I added some supports and painted it. Used left over comp from the roof.
I buried drain pipe the first year for the sink, roof drain and wash rack. Three years later we rented a one yard concrete mixer trailer and added extra bags of quick create and tinted the first load for the wash rack. The next two loads were for the feed room.


So the third section is done. You can back up to the big doors and unload hay, or a squeeze can fit a load right in place. Hope to finish the next section soon. Then I can build the breezeway roof.

, John Rickwald