Critter Creek Ranch
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The Telegraph Office

The facade begins.
This carriage barn was built in 1880 out of Cambria Redwood. It was given to me if I cleaned the trash out of it. It required 2 pick up loads to the dump.
Every board and shingle was removed one at a time. I kept this door intact.
Before I built the Telegraph Office, I had to build the fence behind it to hide my junkyard.
I hand picked each plank. Dimensions are 8 feet high and 120 feet long. 10’ treated 4x4 boards planted 3 foot deep & 2 bags quick creet.
A cedar fence from that point on.
The dip in the corner of the fence is for the big dish to see a low eastern scotchlight. There is a neighbor gate between the two fences.
The telegraph office will be hiding my communications array.
My antenna mast can’t be hidden so I painted it rust brown.
Some of the details include antique pole climbing gear, a 10’ pole shovel, and telegraph insulators & wire.
This is the backside without the window boxes.
The antique windows & door come from other locations but worked well.
It truly looks like it’s been there for years.
I used other antique wood for the sign and dedicated it to John Whitford for giving me some other antiques.
For a more ornate look, I made a 2’ telegraph.
The window boxes finish the real look. You can look in the windows, but can’t see the end of the box.
This is the first of 20 store fronts.


Christmas at Critter Creek Ranch.

, John Rickwald