Critter Creek Ranch
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The General Store

Buy provisions for your adventure!
I have been saving these columns (that I pulled from a dumpster) for six years just for the general store. All the posts are secured to concrete footings. I installed flashing behind the backboards for rain diversion.
I replicated old siding by milling discarded fence boards. Friends gave me the antique windows and door which had to be rebuilt.
I mixed some old paints to get an old white look for the first coat. I put tar paper on the roof and flashing on the upper corner.
I painted the posts and trim a light brown and did the window and door trim in rust red. I then installed electrical wiring for the lanterns.
This project had a lot of detail painting.
You can see the router lines that I put in the 2x4 to match the poles.
After making the signs I stained the deck and hand rails. Then I started placing stuff on the porch.
, John Rickwald