Critter Creek Ranch
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The Cattery

The home of Sandpipurr Siamese.


Home of Sandpipurr Siamese!
Sandpipurr Siamese

The Condos are insulated with R-20 fiberglass.
After building the basic room and installing the power and patio doors for each separate condo, I textured the ceiling.
The windows and doors are used.
The condos each have a separate light. I made them from discarded poll lights.
The main hallway lights are also used.
The outside light is installed with flicker bulbs for looks.
Scrap wood was used for the outside deck.
Each cat door was purchased new.
Installing the new vinyl flooring.
Here you can see the pipe for the in-house vacuum.
I used 2x2 for the divider framing.
Here you can see the air conditioning and one of the common area windows.
The cats can see their neighbor through Plexiglas.
I used utility shelving for the cage fronts.
Each condo has 6 shelves, scratching post, a soft bed, litter box and waterer.
The kitten play area has lots to do.
The completed outside deck.
The outside facing window in the common area is protected from the inside with the utility shelving to prevent escapees.


We have been awarded “Cattery of Excellence” from the premier National Cat Association.

, John Rickwald